Lime Pointing in Fife

Stonemasons Fife are experts at lime re-pointing of stone or brick. We only ever use lime for pointing, never cheap brittle cement.

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Why Use Lime For Stone Pointing?

The advantages of using lime mortar when pointing are many.

Most importantly, cement pointing traps moisture behind it after the host masonry has been made wet with rain or condensation. When this moisture freezes in winter it expands and pushes the cement pointing out causing cracking in the pointing to occur and ultimately it falling out all together.

Lime is permeable to water and allows it to exit the masonry wall or structure as it was intended to do.

Lime mortar pointing is designed to be slightly softer than the masonry it supports, therefore in the case of freeze thaw movement or settlement movement etc., the lime mortar is sacrificial and will fail before the stone, thus preserving it and giving it a cushion during movement.

Lime is also more flexible than cement, and will remain intact during movement much longer than cement, as cement is a lot more brittle.

Believe it or not buildings move all the time, whether it be by settlement, temperature or humidity changes, traffic vibrations and wind in the case of chimneys and some walls.

This added flexibility of lime is very important to the longevity of the re-pointing and the structure.

The bottom line? Always use lime for re-pointing, building and stone repair work.

Stonemasons Fife are unrivalled experts in lime pointing of stone and brick.

Take a look at our pictures of lime repointing carried out by our skilled Fife stonemasons.

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