Walls and Building Repair in Fife

Walls and building repair typically bring together many stonemasonry skills such as building work, dressing of stone, lithomex stone repairs, lime pointing, indenting or replacing of stone and stone restoration.

Looking For Expert Walls and Building Repairs In Fife?

Poorly maintained walls, building elevations and chimneys can all but in the most extreme of cases be saved and restored using a blend of the above skills, and is often not as bad as it seems.

We are experts at saving far gone masonry structures and natural stone buildings.

At Stonemasons Fife, we are more about conservation and the retaining of our stone heritage rather than demolishing and replacing with new and modern alternatives.

Such decisions to do so by contractors are usually driven by personal motives as opposed to thought for the buildings, structures or our history. We are acutely aware there will be no more period style houses built. No more meandering mile long stone walls will be built again.

Can we even imagine a Scotland without stone walls and buildings? Therefore the need to retain, improve and preserve these fine homes and structures for later generations to cherish and admire is incredibly important.

Of course there is often times that walls etc cannot be saved and must be demolished and rebuilt. In such scenarios Stonemasons Fife would always be looking to replace like for like, using reclaimed masonry where possible for our walls and building repair. Common causes of stone decay and required restoration are wind erosion, excessive moisture, frost, poorly executed pointing and repairs, salt used for gritting roads and simply age etc. etc.

The reasons are countless, but the remedy is the same, ie a blend of all traditional stonemasonry skills described above to bring about the successful extending of the home or structure’s life.

For instance, the wall pictured above required major rebuilding and lime repointing work. There is approx 125 stones eroded replaced in this stretch we see here. After the stone building work, the wall was 100% repointed with a durable lime mortar. Also, please note the nicely washed pavement.

Whatever the problem with your natural stone building, wall or structure, we can certainly help you: stone building – stone repair and restoration – lime pointing – chimney rebuilding and repair – free consultations.


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The photo on the left shows the wall the way we found it, with many badly eroded stones and pretty much devoid of any pointing at all. The pic on the right shows the same area of wall after replacing the eroded stones where required and repointing with a durable lime mortar. Quite a difference. Again, please note the nice tidy work area after completion of works. We never leave a mess.

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